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Villa for sale in Lovere on Lake Iseo

Villa for sale in Lovere on Lake Iseo. This historical villa offered for sale is located in Lovere, a refined and aesthetic-conscious town that has always been home to elegant palaces and prestigious residences. The residence for sale has a privileged position a few meters from the lake shore and with an enviable open panoramic view.

The real estate property extended on a plot of 4,241 square meters has a double entrance, lake side and mountain side, and is composed of: a four-storey building free on all sides, a private garden that surrounds the villa, garage and warehouses.

The property also has a residual volume of 200 square meters.

Villa Fè from 1890 was owned by Count Alfredo Fè d’Ostiani. Until 2005, the historical building housed the headquarters of the Municipality of Lovere.


Villa for sale in Lovere on Lake Iseo

Composition of the real estate property for sale in Lovere

Historical villa on Lake Iseo. The building is spread over four levels:

  • Basement 268 sqm
  • Raised 262 sqm
  • First floor 258 sqm
  • Second floor 259 sqm


A 36 sqm terrace and three balconies.

Private garden of the villa. The 3,800 square meter garden surrounds the entire property with two entrances to the lake and mountain side.

Garage. The 40 sqm garage is located on the ground level always inside the property.

The property also includes warehouse rooms for 220 square meters.

The property is to be restored and currently has: vintage floors, heating system with radiators, rolling shutters and door shutters, basement level protective grates, wooden window frames with single glazing.

Residual volume of the villa in Lovere

The proposed property has a residual volume of 200 square meters: an interesting plus that allows for the construction, for example, of an annex for guests and a swimming pool.

The historical villa for sale in Lovere, thanks to the splendid location and the generosity of the spaces, lends itself to the realization of different projects:

  • unique private residential property with generous sizes
  • subdivision of the property into several residential units for private use or as sources of rental income
  • accommodation in a congenial position a few meters from the lake shore and with an enchanting panoramic view.

History of Villa Fè on Lake Iseo

Villa Fè in Lovere was built in 1890 on commission of Count Alfredo Fè d’Ostiani, cavalry general of the Kingdom of Italy, with military posts in Italy and abroad, he was decorated with the war cross. In 1928, during the celebrations for the fourth centenary of the birth of Emanuele Filiberto in Turin, he was in charge of organizing the memorable Carosello. For all the merits received he was awarded the title of Count by the grace of His Majesty.



The historical residence for sale is located in the municipality of Lovere in the province of Bergamo on the north-western shore of Lake Iseo in Lombardy. The tourist resort of Lovere is the capital of the mountain community of alllakes in Bergamo area and is part of the Club of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Municipalities bordering Lovere: Castro, Bossico, Costa Volpino, Pianico, Pisogne, Sovere.

Lovere is 43 km from Bergamo, 57 km from Brescia, 78 km from Monza, 89 km from Milan Linate Airport.

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